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Have you ever come across something that made you just say to yourself, wow that was really useful well for me it was tinytwitter. This ingenious app is used on your windows mobile devices and enables you to see posts and update directly from your phone, which is very use full if you are using more than one at a time. All it takes is the .cab install and log in and TA DA you are a social butterfly capable of showing off that you finally get to go to Britain or telling everyone how miserable you are in Alaska.

To see the official site visit:

For dl visit


If you haven’t noticed it says No.1 above which means that there are normally bound to be more, and congrats you are correct here is your e-cookie. Every week i will be bringing you something truly useful. Depending on how popular this part of my blog gets i may turn this whole segment into a pod cast but that my friends depends on you