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Have you ever come across something that made you just say to yourself, wow that was really useful well for me it was tinytwitter. This ingenious app is used on your windows mobile devices and enables you to see posts and update directly from your phone, which is very use full if you are using more than one at a time. All it takes is the .cab install and log in and TA DA you are a social butterfly capable of showing off that you finally get to go to Britain or telling everyone how miserable you are in Alaska.

To see the official site visit:

For dl visit


If you haven’t noticed it says No.1 above which means that there are normally bound to be more, and congrats you are correct here is your e-cookie. Every week i will be bringing you something truly useful. Depending on how popular this part of my blog gets i may turn this whole segment into a pod cast but that my friends depends on you


One of the top rated games of the year Cod: World At war will soon be put to the test by yours truly, i have played it on the x-box 360 for a about a day and am telling you i couldn’t be more excited to be getting my hands on it. I will post the review along with Phillips review of the I-pod Touch as soon as my total views rises above 100. I know that’s harsh right lol. well spread the word these reviews will be great and i guarantee it. In the mean time i have been working on reviews on windows 7 beta build 7000  my 8 gig zune  and mind jet 08

We all remember when half life was made you know the first shooter game that actually made you think, but there were some issues some of the puzzles seemed to be to hard with the 1990’s graphics and repetition was common, for example there was only one type of security guard and only a hand full of scientist, the soldiers also were all the same (edit: mostly). But it seems that once a game is made it cannot be made better especially one as epic as half life. Wrong, The BM:s is a total conversion of half life 2 so in order to play you will need to buy hl2 first. If you are a fan of the original don’t be worried the BM:s version will have friendly faces like barney and kliener  but there will be some improvement on variety. Well i guess i could rant and rave or i could show proof that this is coming…


From the makers of Half Life, one of the best games ever made comes an exciting new survival game called Left For Dead, Combines tactics with the fun of ridding the world of the infected brings the gamer in me alive. There are two different types of game play. Campaign with 4 survivors and four players on one server, then there’s my favorite campaign, 4 humans and 4 zombies. The four zombie players are not just your everyday flesh eating monsters no they’re special and they rotate when you play as them. So I am going to tell you how to avoid them if you’re the human. Or how to be the best zombie you can be.

  1. The Tank:


    Your job as the tank is to beat the ever living hell out of anything alive you can find. This is one monster you don’t want to hide or camp around because if you don’t attack a human then you lose control and another zombie gains it. The tank has two ability’s, it can do what it does best and hit the survivors so hard they fly back 6feet, or grab a large chunk of earth and throw it anywhere it pleases.


    If you’re a survivor the best way to kill this tank is to group together run shoot and if possible throw a pipe bomb into him, or if none of this is available, RUN!



  2. The Smoker:


    Have you ever thought it would be cool to be a zombie sniper? If do then valve has just made this zombie for you. The smoker can grab survivors from long distances and pull them away from the group. He is my least favorite. The only way to successfully play as a smoke is to continually find players who stray from the group.


    As a survivor you’ll have a small window of time to shoot the smoker before he gets you after that only your team can save you. The smoker has an easy to recognize sound and green smoke rising from his body.

  3. The Hunter:

    The hunter is my second favorite. When playing as the hunter you have the ability to leap far distances, run faster than the horde, and pounce on a survivor. When you’re lucky enough to pounce on a survivor you savagely beat them. Like the smoker your best bet is to find anyone who is isolated once you jump on them there’s no escape. But be cautious other survivors can shove you off of their friends and kill you. The main issue I’ve found with this guy is you have the ability to jump so high you can get out of the map. When you’re a survivor the best way to outlast the hunter is by staying in a group this way if he does pounce on you your friends will shove him off and kill him.




  4. The Boomer:


    The Boomer is my favorite L4D zombie. In Halo you had the exploding flood, in L4D you get this fat guy that can vomit or explode on a survivor. When the Boomer booms you better watch out, it attracts the horde. If you haven’t figured it out the horde is the general population of the infection. The best strategy I’ve found with the Boomer is to hide behind corners or under the stairs. This way you catch them by surprise, if you’re not able to puke on them you explode on them.


    When you’re a survivor the best way to avoid the Boomer is to push him back then shoot because the horde can be devastating with enough reinforcements.


    There is one more zombie that you might want to know about but you cannot play as she can rip apart you whole team literally her name is





  5. The Witch:

    When you hear sobbing quickly turn off your flash lights and don’t make too much noise because that most likely means there is a witch nearby. She will not harm you unless you startle her. If you do run, she can be as hard to kill as the tank and even more vicious. The most obvious and easiest way to beat the witch when you’re a survivor is to go around her but if that isn’t available just shoot her till she drops.


    Tip: An easy way to spot her is her eyes, they glow red and can light a small room.


The game has great graphics. I score it a 5/5 for the fun factor. The campaign and vs. mode are the same, as a suggestion to Valve I would make the vs. mode more like cs:s zombie mod and make large maps where survivors must hid and kill all the infected before the zombies do the same to them. Other than that Great job Valve I’m awaiting for your next game. This game scores 4/5 on my gamablility scale.

Pictures from and the official left for dead website